The Power of Premium Gifts

Despite the fact where economic conditions are heading south, companies are still making no compromises in getting the best premium gifts for clients. There are studies pointing that the average gift sizes are decreasing considerably. This article will drill down to the power of premium gifts in Malaysia.

One of the biggest challenge we felt, that most companies face is to strike a balance between price and the perfect gift for the right audience. This is important, to leave strong impressions for guests and audiences. Usually the decisions can be difficult to make, which requires teams to come together. Very frequently premium gifts are offered for donations. Premium gifts alone will never provide the entire ‘case for giving’ but when combined with a compelling institutional or campaign ask, they can have a significant impact on returns.

There are plenty of studies that puts premium gifts to test, extreme test for real results. To keep things simple, event organizers that offer premium gifts significantly boost attendance rates. As compared to the tests where gifts are absent, response rate has a disparity close to 100%. Now the next question arises, how will the value of premium gift affect response and attendance rate? Apparently it did. When we looked into the response rate, we observed the fact that disparities still persist. The higher the value of gifts is very likely to determine the attendance for your event.

This is where companies will have to make a vital decision, whether to invest heavily on door gifts, to attract more clients? A lot of companies shy away from gifts, due to short cash flows and plenty of business decisions factoring in. On the other hand, hard facts and statistics show the obvious returns. Here are our recommendations, when it comes to picking the absolute perfect premium gift for your event and dinners.

  • Choose what you can afford, or what you are willing to give. There are plenty of affordable choices out there, which are packaged delicately to make sure your brand or company’s image shall not be tarnished.
  • Pick the right premium gift supplier. Find a reputable one, that could meet quality expectations, deliver within timeline and to bring you amazing quality.
  • Include logo, or customization of your own. Premium gifts can be sometimes dull, boring and repeated. To better help distinct your company from others, include logo to create long lasting impressions.
  • Choose a relevant gift. Always understand your audience, before picking on premium gifts. You would want to opt for household items for factory line workers, and to offer USB thumb drives to office workers.

We hope that our simple pointers, can help raise attendance, and make long lasting impressions for your attendants.